When it comes to potential for satire, “50 Shades of Grey” seems as easy a target as you could shake a sex toy at. That said, “50 Shades! The Musical — The Original Parody,” an exuberant takeoff now at the Elektra Theater, handily delivers the goods. New York Times
You don’t have to be familiar with the material to enjoy “50 Shades!,” newcomers and fans alike should enjoy getting down and dirty with this talented company. Variety
50 Shades! The Musical” comes in only two basic tones — filthy and funny. In other words, win-win. NY Daily News
I confess I have never read the book — but 50 Shades! can be enjoyed by fans, haters and non-readers alike. The cast proves that New York is home to insanely talented actors: you would not expect a group this funny to also be able to sing as well as they do. Stage Buzz
Yes, you read that title correctly: the rapturously raunchy send up of the scorching bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey is officially a tongue-in-cheek Off-Broadway musical...his fast-paced concoction doesn’t skimp on preposterously funny jokes, lyrics, and lewdness. Nor does it put the breaks on for a second. City Guide NYC
Who knew bondage and discipline could be so much fun!! ***** (Out of 5) Front Row Center
Word is out...this gleeful cataloguing of flavors of sex beyond plain vanilla hits the giggly bulls-eye with unerring consistency.
The Hollywood Reporter
50 Shades! is the first “Musical Marital Aide” in theatre history that will leave you blushing, rolling in the aisles and applauding furiously all evening!  Examiner
Break out the handcuffs! “50 Shades! The Musical,” a cheeky musical parody of the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey” book and its two sequels, has taken over San Francisco’s Marines’ Memorial Theatre with its raunchier-than-thou high jinks. San Jose Mercury News
50 Shades! The Musical milks its double entendres like a herd of Holsteins. These laugh-out-loud 6:30 performances deliver kink with a wink Triangle Arts and Entertainment
It’s no overstatement to call 50 Shades! The Musical uproarious. From the opening scene to the final curtain, it was belly laughs all the way. Musoscribe
Pure, unadulterated humor—and it had the packed audience at Manhattan’s Gramercy Theater guffawing and sputtering for an entire 90 minutes! The Daily Beast
Chris Grace, a stocky guy who completely killed it…In his first big number, artfully titled “I Don’t Make Love, I F*#!,” he bellowed “ball meat” with such vibrato I’d like to award him an honorary Tony! Cosmopolitan Magazine
Anyone looking for a night of good, clean depravity will also enjoy the wild ride. The Chicago Reader
****Highly Recommended! Edinburgh Fringe Review
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